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YOUR PURCHASE will help Empower Children to read and write their own stories and contribute to the Nelson Mandela Legacy.

Mandela Day - 18 July 2020
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Mandela - Cloth Face Masks

Fabric Layer Information

OUTER LAYER – The outer layer serves as the first barrier of protection. It is a 100% Polyester woven fabric, with an antimicrobial and water repellent finish. The antimicrobial kills any microbes that are deposited on the outer surface from touching or breathing, while the water repellent prevents water and oil droplets from penetrating through the outer layer.

  1. FILTER LAYER – The filter is a 2.4mm thick needle punched polyester nonwoven than provides the primary filtration of the face mask. The random orientation of the nonwoven fibres creates a fibrous web to trap particles and optimise filtration without impeding breathing.
    This nonwoven filter is traditionally used as one of the filtration layers in N95 masks.
  2. INNER LAYER – The inner layer is a knitted polyester that has a soft finish to provide maximum comfort for wearing. It forms the third barrier of protection

We comply with the Government Regulations with the manufacturing and production facilities & are 100% local.

Layers information

in South Africa

Your Mandela Face Masks, Notebooks and Journals are proudly manufactured in South Africa. The beautiful soft fabrics and vibrant colours espouse quality and longevity. The Nelson Mandela imagery and inspiring quotes are permanently embedded into your book cover and face masks. The Mandela Notebooks, Journals and Face Masks empower you to gather your own aspirations, thoughts, and memories.

Your purchase will help empower children to read and write their own stories and contribute to the Nelson Mandela Legacy. A percentage of the proceeds of all Mandela Face Masks, Notebooks and Journals sales are contributed to the Mandela Library Programme in South Africa.

The libraries are constructed from old shipping containers and donated to under resourced schools. The library project focuses on early reading in the junior schools to teach children to learn to read. Rotary International are instrumental in procuring inspirational and aspirational books. The libraries are often used as after school homework locations.

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