Digital & Infrared Thermometers

Inspirit provides various digital and non-contact infrared thermometers that can rapidly and accurately measure body temperature.

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Infrared and Digital Thermometers

Clock SK T008 Thermometer

Clock SK-T008 Thermometer

GP-300 Medical Thermometer

DIKGANG Thermometer

DIKGANG Thermometer

WT88 Thermometer

WT88 Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Non-contact infrared thermometers can rapidly and accurately measure the body temperature, compared with the traditional mercury glass rod, is easy to count, with short time and high measuring accuracy, can memory and has the advantages of buzzer hint, especially is a non-contact infrared thermometer with no mercury, harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment, especially suitable for family use.

Usage of  Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer:

  1. Gently press the big white button at the bottom of the screen to display the screen, and then quickly display the preset temperature value, which is starting at this time.
  2. To be displayed on the screen –, indicating that the body temperature has been in the state to be measured.
  3. The body temperature is measured by the non-contact infrared thermometer. When the temperature is higher than the alarm setting temperature, the non-contact infrared thermometer will beep for about 2 seconds. Because before the measurement, the factors such as the forehead, palms may result in the measurement process, the part being measured temperature is still rising, and the measurement process, the change of the position of the non-contact infrared thermometer, could lead to a buzzer when the temperature display and the actual temperature of human body torso still have differences, so proposal after the buzzer, measure 3 times continuously, to ensure that the closer to the human body temperature, especially when underarm measurement method is adopted.
  4. The non-contact infrared thermometer has the function of automatic shutdown, which will be automatically shut down within 30 seconds after the measurement.

The flexible head and the waterproof design of this digital thermometer allows for easy use with adults or kids. It can be used orally, rectally or underarm, to suit your needs.

Simple to use, just press a key to take temperatures, you will get a reading in 60 seconds. Easy to read, LCD display. Lets you know when the measurement is complete.

The flexible tip also allows you to take temperatures conveniently. The waterproof tip allows you to clean the thermometer easily and hygienically.

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